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Morgan JPEG Toolbox metamorphosis !

Morgan JPEG Toolbox V2
  The Morgan Toolbox JPEG and JPEG2000 optimized ...
The best product  to view, create, edit, display and save JPEG and JPEG2000 files and other formats (see the file formats supported here).
The excellent solution to create smaller images without compromising quality.

This version 2 is a real metamorphosis of the product.
You will find in this version JPEG capacities
reinforced, quality and usage improvement, JPEG2000 ROI (Region of Interest) functionality added, several optimizations and new functions for the pleasure of webmaster and Digital photo passionate.

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 What’s new in the JPEG Toolbox V2 vs. V1?

New Optimizations

More powerful JPEG Compression
Create smaller images without compromising quality thanks to JPEG Optimizations:
Huffman optimization (called "Normal" optimization): when selected, this option enables the use of an optimized (non standard) huffman table that gives lighter files with the same quality.

Energy optimization (called "Extra" optimization): When checked, enables a JPEG2000 ROI (Region of interest)-like optimization, except that the optimized regions are chosen automatically, depending on the settings specified. The "less interesting" areas (that is to say the ones that change the least) are more compressed than the rest of the picture

More pleasant and easier to use
You can easily read files in the sub-directories thanks to the « Recurse sub-directory » option added in the Batch Job and the Slide show functions.

Faster performance
Improvement of the rendering engine which consumes less memory and is able to post bigger image (> 100Mo)

New features

Fast and easy Web site image conversion

Save the hours spent to convert images in web site with the advanced batch Job feature called «Web Batch».

The Morgan Multimedia JPEG Toolbox V2 has a new batch feature that allows to convert not only the picture files, but also the code (any text file) found in the directory(ies) processed.

The result will be that any reference to a picture file newly converted to a new format will be automatically modified to take the conversion in account.

More flexibility

The ROI (Region Of Interest) to allow better quality to your favorite area
. Certain area of an image can be coded with better quality than the rest of the image (background) to obtain smaller image with the best quality on the favourite part. 

Transparent image option added: You can define a transparent color in PNG when you export in this format and you now get the first transparent pixel function in the Batch Job.

command-line mode
allows you to run a Batch Job with the JPEG2000 Toolbox controlled by other program.


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