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M-JPEG2000 codec

codec V

Up to 10x faster !
Hardware de-interlacing !
HDTV support !
Many new features !

Free trial version for Win9x/me, NT, 2k, XP, Vista, 7         
the codec v2.60 (1,155 KB)

This trial version will expire on March 25th, 2010.

Register the M-JPEG2000 codec v2

Test codec installation

What's new in v2 :

  • Decompressor up to 2.5x faster (on 1 core)

  • Compressor up to 4x faster  (on 1 core)

  • Interlacing supported

  • Hardware de-interlacing supported

  • HDTV supported (720p, 1080i, ...)

  • Fully interoperable with the ADV202 

  • Optimized for HTT (Hyper Threading)

  • Optimized for SMP systems

  • Optimized for Dual Core and Quad Core systems

Up to 10x faster than V1 on a Quad Core system !

Click for more ...

Also available as a low-level SDK:

Morgan MJPEG2000 LIB SDK

For further information, evaluation version and pricing, please contact Guillaume de Bailliencourt.

Test files:

Morgan Multimedia products are available for bundling.

Our software gives you the opportunity to add value to your products by offering professional quality at competitive prices.

To discuss available opportunities please contact Guillaume de Bailliencourt

M-JPEG2000 codec setings

ADV202 users click here !

This software was developed using Kakadu,
a software framework for JPEG2000 applications.



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