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Morgan MJPEG2000 LIB SDK Documentation

Version 2.10 (pre-release)


JPEG2000 is a new image coding system that uses state-of-the-art compression techniques based on wavelet technology. Its architecture should lend itself to a wide range of uses from portable digital cameras through to advanced pre-press, medical imaging and other key sectors. JPEG2000 refers to all parts of the standard: Part 1 (the core) is now published as an International Standard, five more parts (2-6) are complete or nearly complete, and four new parts (8-11) are under development.

JPEG2000 parts

Motion JPEG2000 (Part 3)

It defines a file format called MJ2 (or MJP2) for motion sequences of JPEG2000 images. Support for associated audio is also included.

MJ2 does not involve inter-frame coding: each frame is coded independently using JPEG2000. Expected applications include:

MJ2, originally defined in ISO/IEC 15444-3:2002 as a standalone document, has now been expressed by ISO/IEC 15444-3:2002/Amd 2:2003 in terms of the ISO Base format, ISO/IEC 15444-12.

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Morgan Multimedia JPEG2000 implementation

With 15 years of R&D in digital imaging technology, we provide you high quality products and technical support. We're involved in JPEG2000 products development for 5 years now and our 100% software implementation for PC platforms is probably the fastest available today. It can reduce the need of expensive hardware codec in many cases. For instance, in the same system, you can offer high-end dedicated appliance which uses hardware codec or low-cost PC-based one which uses our 100% software codec. Note that while being probably the fastest sotware codec available on PC, our codec won't be as fast as a dedicated hardware codec.

If your interested in a good JPEG2000 hardware codec you have to take a look at the Analog Device's ADV202 chip.

Our technology is perfect for manufacturers developing webcam, digital camera, surveillance and regulation systems, videoconference solution, video storage and editing systems, medical imagery and many others appllications using digital imagery or video.

All our JPEG2000 products conform to "ISO/IEC 15444, JPEG 2000" standard. We're focusing on Part1 (Core coding system) and Part 3 (Motion JPEG2000) but we have solutions for other parts as well. Our products are designed for Windows PC platforms and conform to standards like ActiveX, Video For Windows or DirectShow.

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Morgan MJPEG2000 LIB SDK

There are several Morgan Multimedia JPEG2000 products and SDK designed for programmers and applications developers, but the Morgan MJPEG2000 LIB SDK is the one that gives you a low-level access to the core of Morgan's JPEG2000 codec. Low-level does not mean complicated, as you will see. There's basically two objects, one encoder and one decoder and a couple of methods for each one.

Getting started

Here's a list of the main classes, start with CMJ2Dec (IMJ2Dec in fact, its interface class), follow links to simple examples. Then take a look at CMJ2Enc. Finally study CMJ2DecMT and CMJ2EncMT with their simple examples as well.

CMJ2DecBase class for MJPEG2000 decoding
CMJ2DecMTSimple implementation of a Multi-Threaded CMJ2Dec
CMJ2EncBase class for MJPEG2000 encoding
CMJ2EncTSimple implementation of a Threaded CMJ2Enc

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