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Morgan M-JPEG technology for OEM and business partners

Click for more ...Our M-JPEG technology available to OEM and business partners in a more flexible way than ever.

Five interfaces

1. Video For Windows (VFW)

  • VCM codec

  • Accessible from Video For Windows applications/API

2. DirectShow

  • Decompressor filter (requires VFW codec)

  • Compressor filter (requires VFW codec)

  • Standalone Decompressor filter

  • Standalone Compressor filter

  • Accessible from DirectShow applications/API

3. User mode DLL

  • Standalone Decompressor DLL

  • Standalone Compressor DLL

  • Accessible from a specific API

  • Can be dynamically linked to your own application or DLL

4. Kernel mode DLL

  • Standalone Decompressor kernel mode DLL

  • Standalone Compressor kernel mode DLL

  • Accessible from a specific API

  • Can be dynamically linked to your own kernel mode driver

5. Static LIB

  • Standalone Decompressor LIB

  • Standalone Compressor LIB

  • Accessible from a specific API

  • Can be statically linked to your own application, DLL or kernel mode driver

Two cores

1. Advanced core

2. Real-time core


Our technology gives you the opportunity to add value to your products by offering professional quality at competitive prices.

To discuss available opportunities please contact Guillaume de Bailliencourt




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